Define Your Brand Before You Design Your Brand
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Define Your Brand Before You Design Your Brand

March 16, 2021

When you first begin crafting your brand, it’s tempting to get sucked in and distracted by things like color palettes and logo design. And while we’re all about the joy of design, there’s a crucial step that must come first. It might seem a bit silly, but we believe that in most things design-related, Copy informs design, which holds especially true when creating  your brand’s visuals .

This task doesn’t need to be an arduous one. It can be as simple as listing out the adjectives that best describe your brand.

Let’s Start Defining Your Brand Adjectives!

Brand adjectives are the words you choose to describe your brand’s visual identity. But why exactly should this step come first? 🤔

When chosen thoughtfully, these adjectives help you discover your target audience and visual aesthetic. They also create guidelines around your brand voice and vision. These words are indeed the difference between a brand that follows trends and one that profoundly embodies your business’s values and purposes. If you haven’t done this exercise for your brand already, NOW is the time.

So this week, bust out a pen and paper and ask yourself:

“What emotions do I want my brand to convey?”

We recommend choosing 3-5 adjectives that answer this question and vibe with your brand. For Sojourner Creative, we see our brand as compassionate, collaborative, calming, curious, and skillful.

If you need help finding the right words, visit our Brand Adjectives List page for a list of some of our favorites.

Once you’ve got your brand adjectives, you may start to get a clearer picture of your brand’s visual language. If it still feels murky, we find it useful to break down each adjective and see if there is a better word that describes your intentions as a business.

Our brand adjectives affect pretty much every aspect of our business and how we communicate with our community and customers. We look to these adjectives whenever  we feel like we need a reminder of why we do what we do or  need a jumping-off point for a new project or idea. 

What were some of the brand adjectives you found for your brand? Reach out to with your choices; we’d love to learn about your brand journey and be a collaborative partner in your next project.

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