We are experts at collaboration. Bringing together decades of experience between design, storytelling and supporting others’ passions, we’ve come to craft a unique set of skills that help you strategize for success. Our team is as dynamic as you are, allowing us to connect the right combination of creatives to match your style and needs.

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Founder Kathleen Wong
Bethany Jones
Lead Photography & Co-Designer

Your work goes beyond a service or a product — you provide an experience that you’ve carefully cultivated.

That’s where I come in – your personal creative director, a storyteller who always has a camera in her hands and an expert in creating a scene that captures the passion behind your purpose. I value providing constructive and incisive feedback that’s honest, positive, and gives just the right size nudge to align your brand, story, and design.

Founder Kathleen Wong
Tarun Krishnan
Head Design & Developer

As your brand advocate, your solutions architect, and your design-developer unicorn, I make magical products that illustrate your brand’s language. I’m here to help connect the dots between your brand, the digital platforms that share your story, and the customers with which you want to engage.

Kathleen Wong
Shaniece Parker
Creative & Marketing Assistant

As a researcher, designer, and multi-disciplinary creator, I’m the team’s go-to resource for anything that makes your story and brand shine. I’m here to support our team as they create exceptional and memorable experiences for your brand.

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