About Sojourner Creative

We are experts at collaboration. Bringing together decades of experience between design, storytelling and supporting others’ passions, we’ve come to craft a unique set of skills that help you strategize for success. Our team is as dynamic as you are, allowing us to connect the right combination of creatives to match your style and needs.

Bethany Michaela

Lead Photography & Co-Designer

Your work goes beyond a service or a product — you provide an experience that you’ve carefully cultivated. 

That’s where I come in – your personal creative director, a storyteller who always has a camera in her hands and an expert in creating a scene that captures the passion behind your purpose. I value providing constructive and incisive feedback that’s honest, positive, and gives just the right size nudge to align your brand, story, and design.

Tarun Krishnan

Head Design & Developer

As your brand advocate, your solutions architect, and your design-developer unicorn, I make magical products that illustrate your brand’s language. I’m here to help connect the dots between your brand, the digital platforms that share your story, and the customers with which you want to engage.

Chelsea Rosson

Our Go-to Copy Editor

A vivid voice is vital to being heard. Getting the chance to craft content that gives you confidence in the work you’ve so expertly cultivated is my version of success.

Josiah Jones

Photoshop Master & Video Editor

Looking at what already stands out, I edit organically – watching the story unfold as I pull together the bold and the best, placing the final touches to make your brand shine.

Oggy Roo

Chief Nuisance Officer

Sooooo I need some extra lunch. Does getting on this team guarantee some extra specialness in my doggy bowl? Something like an organic avocado toast please!

Luna Beuxna

Executive Contemplative

What’s the meaning of life? What makes you tick? How many moths can I stick in my mouth? Do you want to play with this soggy tennis ball?