You’re like no one else.

Your brand should reflect that.

You know what you’re doing, so no matter if you’re here to launch, grow, pivot or shift, we’re here to be what you need – from soundboards to strategists to your leading creative directors, we can’t wait to help your brand, vision & voice get growing.

Creative collaboration is kind of our whole thing.

Partners, storytellers, brand strategists, puppy parents, the ones who will always remind you that you’re a visionary – We are Bethany and Tarun, the leading team players of the coolest crew ready to build a brand as bold as you.

Let the world see your best side.

Sojourner captures the magic and the moments that matter with the unique gift of being able to turn even a half-baked brand narrative into a clear visual identity!

Lindy Amos, Executive Coach, Facilitator, Program Designer, Educator

From beginning to end, our collaboration was a pleasure: they’re clear and generous communicators, meticulous planners, and truly gifted artists.

Val B., Health and wellness professional

Sojourner was so wonderful to work with! Bethany’s photos for our branding shoot captured the soul and vibe of the business perfectly, while both Bethany & Tarun provided my business with a branding consultation that gave oodles of insight & opportunities I had been overlooking for so long. They are an amazing team!

Cassie Hartman, Founder, Business Owner of Ozark Mtn Flower Truck

I had the BEST photo shoot with Bethany to get new visuals for my website! Her turn around time for finished images was so fast, and the team was as sweet as they were professional. Highly recommended!

Nicole Jardim, Health and Wellness Professional

I couldn’t be happier with my experience with Sojourner. Bethany’s eye for pictures, her creativity and her ability to put me at ease made it fun, while Tarun’s site-making-skills brought all of our visuals to life. The two are a great team and I’m thrilled that I chose to work with them.

Heather Hansen, Communications Consultant, Speaker, Host, Attorney

As someone who leads growth and marketing for startups, I know that getting the right visual content for a business is key in attracting customers. Bethany and Tarun really understood the needs of our work and went above and beyond to deliver!

Pooja, Marketing Director

This female founder constantly inspires me. Bethany delivers stunning images and her workflow is organized and impressive. I 100% recommend this business.

Katrina Sorrentino, Photographer

Our Services

Vision & Strategy

Private Coaching
$450 – $3,000

Business Strategy
Find clarity in the direction of your business and lay out a strategic growth plan to get you where you actually want to go!

A complete step-by-step, hand holding guide to understanding your business finances in a way that doesn’t make you want to tear your hair out.

Systems & Workflow
Stop spinning your wheels! Instead, learn the exact process to use to put your energy where it counts and make massive progress towards actual goals.

Team Structure
Taking a look at making changes within your company and the small team that you’ve hired.

Story & Design

Website Design and Branding
Custom Proposal

Brand Consultation Free!
In twenty-five minutes we’ll give you some quick tips and tricks on how to improve your brand experience and walk you through how we can help you reach 
brand goals!

Custom Website Design
Like your favorite corner bakery, we build from scratch! Let’s make a custom WordPress website that helps your brand live out loud.

Website Critique
Our honest but thoughtful critiques help you learn how to improve your website and decide if it’s time to rip that band-aid off and make a new site already!

We create content that invigorates and excites your community. Remember, perfect words are worth a million photos.

Brand Collateral Design
From business cards to email signatures and beyond, extend your brand throughout your business and tools.

Refresh & Promote

Photo and Video Services
$450 – $1,600

Brand Photography
Get visuals that are more than just ‘on-brand’. We provide photos and videos that are as dynamic and vibrant as the stories you want to tell. From headshots to expansive product shoots, we can do it all!

Lightroom Custom Brand Presets
For our fellow photographers and those wanting their very own special sauce to go with their images. From light and airy to dark and moody, we’ll find the perfect combination for your brand.

Photo Editing
Let us use our ten years of experience and save you hours so you can spend time doing the things you love and do best.

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