You’re like no one else.
Your brand should reflect that.

You’ve been in business for a few years. And, you’ve known for a while that you need a refresh. But, your older content and ways of running your business just aren’t hitting the mark like they used to. And, you’re overwhelmed on what the next steps are.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you!

Let me help you save time so you can love working on your business again. Your clients want to see you, and I can help with the planning, prepping, and execution to get you there!

I’m Bethany Sekha-Jones, Photographer, Educator, Momma, iced coffee enthusiast, and your #1 fan.

I bring more than a decade of experience supporting others’ passions. I value providing constructive and incisive feedback that’s honest, positive, and gives just the right size nudge to align your brand, story, and design.

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Shots & Props

Your guide to how to rock your next photoshoot

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